How can we make sure that our employees stay employable, relevant and motivated? How can we stimulate their knowledge and competences?

Tubata offers an integrated service. We start with the identification of the needs, and consequently offer adequate solutions.


Sharing Session

Experts from different companies and organisations share their knowledge, experience and best practices about a particular subject, during half a day.s

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Sharing Journey

A Sharing Journey is an exploration during which professionals from different sectors are exchanging their experiences about a particular subject. You will discover successful cases and projects that went not so well.
That way you will learn from each other and expand your own views on the matter.
Every Journey consists of 4 Sessions, spread over 8 months.

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Sprint Session

Experts from different organisations come together during one day to work on a business challenge of another organisation. The methodology used during this day is based on the Business Model Canvas.

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Talent Track

One or more employees of a company work on a challenge of another organisation.

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Several companies share their employees. They will work in different companies, based on parttime or seasonal assignments.

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Social Business Challenge

In a Social Business Challenge we work on a challenge of a social enterprise in a team of 4 to 6 persons. The aim of the Social Business Challenge is an exchange of experience between the employees of a "traditional" company and a social entrepreneur with their own experience and challenges.

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Intervision Session

An Intervision Session allows us to dig deeper into a certain theme you are struggling with among peers,, this happens with peers, and without the presence of management. A good guidance ensures an optimal result.

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Born from the need to complement and complete competencies in organizations

Tubata is born from the need to complement and complete the competencies in organizations - just like the copper wind instrument the tuba. Wilhelm Wieprecht and J.G. Moritz built the tuba in the middle of the 19th century. Thanks to its low tones of the new instrument, a symphonic orchestra could now obtain a full sound colour. This is exactly what Tubata does: deploy employees from one organization to another company to use their knowledge and expertise there.

The second part of the name Tubata, the "ta", stands for "talent". Everyone has certain talents. The aim is to discover, strengthen and further develop them. Tubata raises this talent to a higher level. Every possible organisation, profit and non-profit, SME's, NGO's, …deserves a place, as long as they are complementary and make exchange possible!

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A Talent track lets your employee get a little taste of another company's culture. This is inspiring for young talents or employees with a long track record in your company.


It creates an expert network that can be interesting for your company and were knowledge and trust are central. As an employee, you will expand your expertise about a certain topic.


Employees get a chance to work on and from their talents and strengths, as a consequence they and the organisation will get a positive energy boost.


The company that "lends" their employee, will learn about how another organisation runs on their business. On the other side, the "receiving" company will profit from the fresh point of view from the employee.

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Born from the need to complement and complete competencies in organizations

The rapidly changing society in which we live often creates a gap between what is expected of people and what people can handle. We can also see this happening in the business world. Traditionally you can solve this by offering solutions to strengthen the "weaker" competencies, so that challenges can be tackled. My belief, based on my many years of experience as a manager, inspirator, trainer and coach, is that you better start from the strengths of your employees. When you make sure that the strengths get stronger, you will make sure that your employees will get into a flow.

That way you will generate a lot of positive energy, which will allow your employees to build up "credits" that can be used for the more difficult tasks. Their core competencies will become real pearls and will be usefull for lots of challenges, in- and outside of the organisation. This will allow you to supplement competencies in your own, but also in other organisations.

This way you are building on your future, and on the future of your organisation.

My role is to make and keep your employees "employable", by offering several solutions and by finding the right matches between offer and demand of the many talents.